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Unfortunately the number of players in the game is dwindling as well as the number of active players in our guild.  At this time I am unable to prevent the ship from sinking due to real life responsibilities.  For now though, we have decided to shut down the guild for the time being.  Hopefully when things settle down for me and I get more time we can have another go.

To all those that helped make our guild what it was, I really appreciate all the hard work.  I had no idea we would be as successful as we were.  It's just too bad so many players left the game.  I had a fun time with all of you and hopefully will team up with you all again some day!
Mojobechi a It was a good run. We had some really awesome members who put a lot of work into the guild. Happy hunting in the future...


Lilo X posted Sep 18, 12
Hey Guildies!!!!

Today is the BIG contest!!! Be excited!

I will put on the FB page 3 different jumping puzzle names at 4 PM PST/7 PM EST.

You have to go find them! Use whatever you want to find it. Check the internet if you would like.

Here are the rules: You have to go through all three jumping puzzles and take a screenshot of the end of each of them and post it in the contest screenshots on the website. Im going to take a screenshot of me in one of them and you have to find the spot I did it in and take a screenshot of yourself there. So, in the end you will have posted 4 photos. First one to do all this wins.  Prize to be announced day of contest.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Remember, you have to be registered on this website and like the FB page to participate.

Thanks!!!!!! Hope to see all of you!!!!!

Coolbreeze78 a I have added a Contest Album to the gallery so that people can post their screen caps there.
Patchnotes ^^^^ This guy up here, is excited to see everyone blitzing the jumping puzzles and dropping screenshots on the website. ...

Happy Birthday Mojo!

Coolbreeze78 a posted Sep 16, 12
From all of us at the guild! Hope you have a great one!
Mojobechi a lol, thanks.
Hello All!!!!!

I know what you all are thinking, When are we going to start doing something fun with that dang Facebook page!?! Well, your prayers have been answered! Starting this weekend we are going to start having contests on the guild Facebook page! :D

Here are some of the details: 
You can only win a contest if you have liked the FB page and registered on the Ravenblades website
We are going to give out random items for each contest such as: Mini's, Bags, supplies, in game money, Unidentified Dyes, etc.
Some of the contests will be: Mini games, jumping puzzles, gathering, etc.
We will be doing one each weekend.
Anyway, more info to come soon so go like the darn FB page and support the greatest guild ever!!!

Also, this is starting next weekend :D
Patchnotes Looking forward to it! Remember guys the more that show the better the event will be. Be vocal and get people to join us...

Happy Birthday Bobk94!

Coolbreeze78 a posted Sep 14, 12
Hope you have a wonderful birthday from all of us in the guild!